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The Legal Stuff

Waste Carriers License

If you carry waste on the public highway, you must have a valid Waste Carriers License.  This applies to any business that transports, buys, sells or disposes of waste or arranges for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste.

Waste Transfer Note

A waste transfer note is a legal document and is required when the transfer of waste occurs between parties and must contain enough information for it to be handled safely and disposed of legally & ethically. (see more details below).

Waste Transfer Stations

A waste transfer station is where companies similar to SiteSolved will take their waste these sites will also be need to have a waste management license or permit issued by the Environment Agency and will be audited on a regular basis.

What can I do to help?

The Environment Agency says that most importantly, you should check that whomever is removing your furniture/waste or rubbish, has a current waste carriers license. This is the right advice, however anyone who wishes to register as a waste carrier only has to pay £154 and provide minimal information, so it is open to abuse.

So what else do you need to do? Once you have established the person/company has a valid waste carriers license, when the waste/rubbish is collected always ask for a copy of the waste transfer note (WTN / Duty of Care note).

Why is this so important? The waste transfer note has all the information you need to minimise the risk that your waste will be fly tipped and the WTN should be completed and signed by both parties and contain the following:

  • a description of the waste (such as rubble/soil /general waste)
  • any processes the waste has been through
  • how the waste is contained or packaged (skip/bag/van)
  • the quantity of the waste (how much waste by weight or cubic yard)
  • the place and date of transfer (where and when collected)
  • the name and address of both parties (who collected/who from)
  • details of the permit, licence or exemption of the person receiving the waste (the license number of the final destination)
  • the licence or registration number of the person handing over the waste, if they have a waste management licence or are a registered carrier of controlled waste (number plate of the vehicle and the waste carriers number)
  • the appropriate European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code for your waste (European waste catalogue code are six digits long each waste stream has their own code there are approximately 650 codes)
  • the Standard Industry Code (SIC) of your business (standard industrial classification is to identify business)

Any responsible waste carrier will be more than happy to provide you with all this information. If they are not, please find another company that will. Once you have all this information, you can be certain that you have done all you can to ensure that your waste/rubbish or furniture has been disposed of legally & ethically.

SiteSolved does all these things and ensures our customers are compliant at all times. We are a registered waste carrier and registered with Checkatrade. We are also Google Guaranteed.

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New Legislation (POP’s) Jan 2023

POPS stands for (Persistent Organic Pollutants). What is POPs? This is the new regulation that has been put in place so that certain waste doesn’t go to landfill and or contaminate our environment. Instead of landfill , this waste will go to high temperature incineration. Certain synthetic chemicals were introduced into manufacturing in the mid 1940s.

Why does this effect you?

A big part of POPs is upholstered domestic furniture & seating. Where as before this waste would be treated as general waste and recycled or landfilled, this now has be shredded and incinerated. Recycling facilities need to segregate the waste and find the right disposal option (incineration) incurring additional cost, which will be passed onto businesses and members of the public.

  • sofas
  • sofa beds
  • armchairs
  • kitchen and dining room chairs
  • stools and foot stools
  • home office chairs
  • futons
  • bean bags, floor and sofa cushions

Can I still donate items?

Can I still donate these items?

You can still donate these items, however there is now certain criteria that must be met. If you would like to see more about this criteria please click the link below.

What happens to your waste?

A large pile of rubbish

SiteSolved does all it can to minimise its impact on the environment and maximise its diversion from landfill. This is done by only using licensed transfer facilities that have made considerable investment in technology/plant & training. These facilities can achieve recycling figures of over 95%, but we can all do our part in reusing items when we can, either by donating to charities or friends & family.

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Your Checklist

No 1

Do they have a valid waste carriers license and what is the number?

No 2

Ask if they will leave you with a copy of the waste transfer note – IF NO, ask why.

No 3

Check where your waste is going. They must use a licensed facility registered with the EA.

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Further Info

  • Welcome to SiteSolved
    We provide rubbish removal services for members of the public and businesses alike throughout the South of England. We offer flexible and competitive rates, so whether you have small or large collection, hazardous or non hazardous, give us a callContinue reading “Welcome to SiteSolved”
  • Where does my waste go?
    SiteSolved only uses licensed and audited waste facilities to ensure full compliance at all times. You should always ask where your waste is going and for your copy of the waste transfer note which will have the disposal location andContinue reading “Where does my waste go?”
  • Waste Carriers Licence
    Every waste provider has to be certified by the Environment Agency and have a valid waste carriers licence. SiteSolved’s registered number is CBDU350092 you can check all licenced waste providers on the EA website.
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