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Who are SiteSolved?

SiteSolved is a family run Garage & House Clearance Company based in Southampton. With over 20 years experience in the industry, over the years we have seen many changes in waste legislation – mostly in the efforts to combat fly tipping. This is why we believe that one of the most important things we can do, is keep our customers compliant at all times. We ensure our customers are informed of what we do with their waste (final destinations), reassuring them that we do all we can to maximise recycling and maximising diversion from landfill.

We take compliance seriously


SiteSolved have been a part of Checkatrade for a number of years now and whilst the badge gives some level of assurance, we would advise you to make some additional checks of your own (don’t be afraid to ask questions).

Google Guarantee

This Google badge has been around for a few years now and SiteSolved was the first company of our type to be registered in Hampshire. This system gives the customer some additional cover when searched through Google.

Waste Carriers

SiteSolved is a registered waste carrier and our licence number is CBDU350092. This was issued by the Environment Agency and needs to be renewed every 3 years. Please make more checks of your provider if you are unsure.

What additional checks should I do?

Whilst the first check you are told to do is to make sure your waste collector has a waste carriers licence, please do not stop there, as this is a licence that is purchased for just over £150.00, with very little checks done when issued. Any company transferring a third parties waste, needs to supply a waste transfer note (1st Party collector, 2nd party disposal point, 3rd party persons generating the waste: YOU) which is left with you when the waste is collected. This has all the information needed to make sure you have done all you can to make sure your waste is dealt with legally & ethically.

What’s in a waste transfer note?

  • a description of the waste (such as rubble/soil/general waste)
  • any processes the waste has been through
  • how the waste is contained or packaged (skip/bag/van)
  • the quantity of the waste (how much waste, by weight or cubic yard)
  • the place and date of transfer (where and when collected)
  • the name and address of both parties (who collected/who from)
  • details of the permit, licence or exemption of the person receiving the waste (the waste licence number of the final destination)
  • the licence or registration number of the person handing over the waste, if they have a waste management licence or are a registered carrier of controlled waste (number plate of the vehicle and the waste carriers number)
  • the appropriate European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code for your waste (European waste catalogue code are six digits long each waste stream has their own code there are approximately 650 codes)
  • the Standard Industry Code (SIC) of your business (standard industrial classification is to identify business)

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    Fly-tipping Stats

    1.13 million

    of fly-tipping incidents reported in England (2020/2021)


    of all instances involved household clearance


    of fly-tipped waste was ‘car boot size / small van sized’

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